• Pretty good price for a 4WD mattress.
  • The 4WD mattress are thicker (8-10cm) and more bulky in general, however, it provides more comfort and more insulated to ground temperature.
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  • Mannagum Queen 4WD Offroad Mattress | Geographe Camping

Zoophyter "COMFY KING" Lightweight Portable, Easy to Compress, Self-Inflating Air Sleeping Pads with Attached Pillow (Green)


When we talk about self-inflating mattresses we aren’t referring to the old fashioned plastic blow up jobs but the newer style of camping bed that still uses a foam core as the mattress section. Often sold as 4WD mattress they are manufactured with a thick outer PVC cover and a velour top.

The Diamantina 4WD mattress offers the comfort of air, combined with the warmth, insulation and stable structure of the foam. Best of all, they blow up by themselves - no pump required.


America's best priced luxury mattress