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I know there are a lot of alternatives, which makes it extremely hard to figure out what should I look for. For example, if you think that there might be a problem for me using a 6 inch latex mattress, even if I buy another base, (ofc, I can't buy anything expensive as a base), then I should probably try something else, or 8 inch mattress.

Also, my budget is a light problem. I would love to buy a 8 inch mattress, 2 inch of talalay on a 6 inch core, but no matter how much I researched I could not find anything viable(natural, certificate) under 1000 dolars for a queen size mattress. so my question is, for my weight, is it enough a 6 inch mattress considering that I am a side sleeper? Should I consider buying a base of some springy material to take a bit of the compression so that I don't hit the hard part? This is my current base:

I know it can't be compared with a "spring" like base with "elastic" stripes, and is actually made just for providing hard support and air. But I want to know if I need to consider buying a new base and what type of base for allowing me to stick to 6 inch latex mattress, or I rather keep the base and try to find a cheap 8 inch latex mattress instead?


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