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Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive - Includes Electric Pump & Mattress Pad - Inflatable Bed Pad for Pressure Ulcer and Pressure Sore Treatment - Fits Standard Hospital Beds


It is imperative for people with an increased risk of developing bed sores to move as often as possible with help from others, if needed. Moreover, pressure-relieving supports like special mattresses and mattress overlays can lower the risk of getting bed sores. There are many options, including air, foam, gel or water mattresses. These special mattresses and cushions are capable of relieving pressure on vulnerable and week parts of the body. Those thought to be at risk of developing bed sore, or those already fighting with bedsores, typically benefit from a particularly intended Bedsore mattress, which relieves the pressure on their body.

The best approach is to prevent ulcers from happening in the first place. If bed rest is part of recuperation from illness or if your nightly sleep position creates uncomfortable pressure points, a bed sore mattress like the Thera Pad Extra Thick 4 Inch Eggcrate Bed Pad can help prevent pressure sores.


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