• More the coconut fiber in mattresses:
  • This is an L A Baby USDA organic cotton layer and natural coconut fiber crib mattress bonded with natural latex for the perfect firm support for your baby.
  • Coconut fiber for mattress

LA Baby Natural III Crib Mattress with Natural Coconut Fiber & Organic Cotton Layer, Blended Organic Cotton Cover


Sleep on hard type mattress such as the 100% natural coconut fiber mattress. The natural coconut fiber sheet is more breathable, it can provide better ventilation and very solid support on the back. These types of mattress help provide good support for your spine and are good for blood circulation. Not only are coconut fiber mattress ideal for old people and people with back pain condition, even babies are good to sleep on it too.

About Us Product list Product Detail Coconut fiber mattress machine line (3D, Spray) 1. The production line is mainly used for make coconut mattress from coir fiber. 2. It is adopted thermal bonded ...


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