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AC Pacific 8-Inch Aloe Vera Mattress, Queen


Now, I didn’t go into this process blind. I did a little research. I knew (after 7 years of being poked by springs) that I wanted a memory foam mattress. I had heard stories about how they conform to your body and give you the best night’s sleep. And I was pretty sure that it was the solution I needed to my long, sleepless nights. So when I discovered that as part of my role as a Nature’s Sleep Ambassador I would be receiving an 11″ Diamond Gel Memory Foam Mattress, I was excited to say the least. But I was also nervous. Because I totally didn’t know what to expect!

We’ve invited my mom and mother-in-law over to sit on the bed. We invite friends into our bedroom because we know once they sit on this mattress once, they will have to have one in their own home. And every once in a while, if the kiddos are really nice, we let them take a Sunday afternoon nap on it. Because honestly, I’ve never felt comfort like I’ve experience with my 11″ Diamond Gel Memory Foam mattress! After just a few short weeks of sleeping on it, I can say that this mattress has made my days of counting sleep a thing of the past!


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