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  • Sealy Manhattan Plush double mattress with box spring. Used as a guest room bed, so lightly slept on. No stains. Includes frame.

LINENSPA Waterproof Bed Bug Proof Box Spring Encasement Protector - Full


I’ve been thinking lately, about a double bed mattress and box springs. It’s on my list of things i might consider buying, which is a very short list. My thoughts always go to having more room with a double bed than with the twin bed mattress and box springs i use now, and therefor more room for my cats to snuggle in with me.

- Double Mattress and Box Spring Set
- 3 years old, slept in by 1 person
- There are sweat stains on one end of the mattress but there is no smell and no blood/urine stains
- frame of the box spring is sturdy with no shakes
- box spring sits level on the ground or bed frame


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