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  • Dynasty Mattress Deluxe 10-Inch memory foam mattress has a 3-inch 5lb top layer whose density is higher than its competition
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12-Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress for Adjustable Bed Base


Overall review: DynastyMattress Deluxe 10-inch is a firm bed but doesn’t feel like a rock; it’s vacuum sealed and wrapped in multiple layers of plastic; very easy to unwrap it and it takes about 24 hours to inflate completely; the chemical smell is noticeable after unwrap it and it would be almost gone in a day; feels a little warmer but still bearable; does a good job reducing the transfer of motion; it sops up liquids and fluids.

Due to the 5lb memory foam layer, DynastyMattress Deluxe 10-Inch memory foam mattress performs better than the mattress with 3lb or 4lb foam. That has been proved by Dynasty Deluxe 10” owners. High density foam distributes your body weight evenly and offers support to shoulders, back, hips and feet. You don’t worry waking up with pain and aches.


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DynastyMattress Deluxe 10-Inch is a firm bed and for persons who need a firm support it’s well suited. Other people had better go to the local big box stores and mall specialty shops to test drive 5lb density . Due to 5lb high density foam, the top layer gets firm and doesn’t conform to your body quickly. It will slowly find the contour of your body when it detects your body temperature. Then it feels more and more comfortable. If you’ve never slept on over 5lb memory foam, it will take some time to adjust. Just in case, you can add soft foam topper to make it comfortable.