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We highly recommend Rest EZ Mattress! Don is very informative, has great prices and free delivery service. We have purchased 3 mattress sets from here and our daughter and her husband purchased a set here as well. We have been very happy to have a great place in town to purchase American made, quality mattresses from a family owned business!

I wanted to wait a sufficient amount of time before I reviewed my Sleep EZ mattress, but I think I have enough history and context at this point to write a review. I'll tell a little story... it took me a LONG time to finally bite the bullet and purchase from Sleep EZ after doing extensive research on websites including mattressunderground. Even though I made the decision years ago to get a new mattress from them, I'm not sure why I waited so long. Once I finally did, all of my lower back pain, neck "going out", and general soreness from my crappy old mattress went away. I used to wake up tired and groggy every day, until the new mattress.

The great part about Sleep EZ is the interchangeable layers. I started out with the same as my hubby -- firm, soft, medium (from low layer to top layer) and it was a bit firm for me and I was waking up a bit sore, so I simply switched my side to firm, medium, soft and slept like a dream for months....until I didn't.

About 6 months into my beautiful new mattress, I moved into a new house and left my Sleep EZ mattress in my old house for staging until it sold (hasn't sold yet). Upon recommendation from a friend, and wanting to save a little cash from the "Mattress Stores Are Greedy" place, I purchased a T&N mattress for our guest room... thinking it's a nice place to save money and it won't be my regular mattress and probably would be fine for guests. Sadly, I have been sleeping on this T&N mattress for a couple of weeks and am SO SORE, TIRED, and MISERABLE I WANT TO DIE. Luckily, T&N has a decent return policy so I'm taking it back and heading down to Sleep EZ to buy an identical new mattress for our guest room. I won't even subject my occasional overnight guests to the T&N. It's way too firm without a topper, and with a topper it's just a crappy mattress with a topper. I know others have different experiences, but I'm going to go with what I know works -- Sleep EZ.

I purchased the organic version for a couple hundred more (peace of mind), and the delivery was quick and easy. In retrospect, I would've purchased the thicker version (13") because the 10" looks a bit wimpy/low but it all depends on your bed frame. New one will be 13".

If you need to dump your old mattress, I can't imagine why you would wait. You can re-order your layers to customize your bed, or even swap them out as many times as you need until it's right. With the cheap mattress places, you get what you get and you're stuck with it,


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Salesman was very helpful and knowledgeable. He knew exactly what our sleep problems were and gave us solutions to a better nights sleep. The mattress set we purchased was exactly what we needed and is perfect for my wife and myself.
Would I shop at Rest EZ Mattress again ........YES I WOULD. Fast delivery and setup. I am a satisfied customer.