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LUCID Super Soft Rayon from Bamboo Jersey Mattress Protector - Waterproof - Dust Mite Protection - Queen


So what makes the so-called "Royal Bed," from mattress company Savoir, worth the $175,000? Each mattress is filled with pure Mongolian cashmere, virgin lambs' wool and blonde horse hair from Latin America -- and it takes more than 700 hours to custom-make each bed. Savoir says it should feel like you're "floating on a cloud." Given that the same amount of money could get you a starter home in some parts of the country, it better.

Protecting your mattress – whether it’s new or used – will provide you with a multitude of benefits by protecting you from your mattress and your mattress from you. Constructed of a cotton terry fabric with a breathable polyurethane protective membrane the protector repels moisture and provides a barrier from bacteria and Dust Mites. The terry fabric quickly absorbs any liquids it comes into contact with.


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