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Invacare Homecare Full Electric Hospital Bed - Full Electric Bed with Innerspring Mattress and Full Rails


Donate hospital bed and improve the quality of life for patients. Do not discard the old and unused medical equipment. The GWHME take special endeavors to serve people with disabilities. You can donate used and unused hospital beds and they refurbish it make it usable for needy patients. The company accepts both hospital beds and bariatric hospital beds. List only those items for the donation which are gently used and at present in good condition. You can also donate mattresses for the hospital beds. Goodwill accepts low air loss beds, foam mattresses, and firm innerspring hospital bed mattresses. The company representatives issue donor receipts for you and you get tax benefits for the charity work. The donors should maintain a proper list of items they want to donate. The Internal Revenue Service allows a deduction for the products, but the donors can determine the price of each item comparing the fair market value. People can get huge discounts on the beds which are not covered by medical insurance.

Each of these firm innerspring hospital bed mattress models is designed to work with hospital-type beds where the head and feet can be elevated. Most feature waterproof vinyl covers, many of which are flame retardant, anti-microbial, and both reversible and washable.


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