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Just as there are for adults, there many options out here but the one I am highlighting today is a latex crib mattress from Naturalmat. Latex is the option I typically go for in my home. If you are not familiar with it, natural rubber (a completely renewable resource) is harvested by tapping the milk (sap) of Hevea brasiliensis. The sap is whipped up and turned into latex foam and is a sustainable resource because sap can be collected from the trees up to 180 days per year and the tree heals within an hour. Natural latex is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, dust-mite proof, and very comfortable to sleep on. Usually you will also find organic wool wrapped around the latex core. Wool serves as a fire retardant and regulates moisture.

No Flame Retardants
Did you know that 100% natural latex mattresses are naturally fire resistant? Most mattresses rely on chemicals to help them pass fire retardant laws but a 100% natural latex mattress can do it pretty much on their own. Depending on the brand of natural latex mattress you buy, it will either use fewer and safer chemicals or will more likely use natural barriers such as wool to pass the federal fire retardant laws.


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