• If guard rails are used as the mattress containment
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Universal Mattress Removal Bag with Stain and Bed Bug Containment


The bunk beds are used for young children who my still have "accidents" during the night. 1) Does the protect-a-bed allerzip "TERRY" absorb urine? 2) How should the "Terry" be spot cleaned while remaining on the mattress? 3) Would the protect-a-bed allerzip "Smooth" be a better choice?4) The bunk beds have a 1.75" platform (cloth over a wood frame). Does anyone make a "box" cover for a thin (1.75 inch) platform?5) If I replace the 1.75" platform with a "Bunkie board" consisting of multiple wooden slats held together with a nylon strip, would this open support need any protection from bedbugs?6) Would the wooden slat "Bunkie board" create any wear or stress point to the underside of a protect-a-bed allerzip mattress containment system?

The Commission also proposed changes to the warning requirements in ASTM F 1821-09. The Commission proposed: (1) Changing the warning specified in 8.4.3 of ASTM F 1821-09 to separate this into two warnings, one for entrapment and one for strangulation; (2) providing two options for entrapment warnings: one for beds where the guardrail is the means of mattress containment and one where the guardrail is not; and (3) removing provisions in 8.4.4 of ASTM F 1821-09 concerning warning statements addressing issues (but not specifying wording and layout) because these warnings would be redundant and unclear with the warnings the Commission proposed to specify.


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