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In addition to the resources available on this site, our mattress forum offers personal guidance about your situation and an "analysis" of any mattress you may be considering. We will help you find the best local manufacturers and retail outlets in your area and if you choose to purchase from one of our members, you will also receive the additional membership discount simply by letting them know you are a member of The Mattress Underground. With the help of the resources on this website and the personal guidance from our forum, you will quickly learn how to separate "stories" from fact. Most important of all, you will be able to find the manufacturers and retail outlets who will give you information you can trust to be accurate and helpful ... outlets that care more about helping you buy a great mattress than they do about "making the sale" or putting profit and commission above your long term satisfaction.

In reading the extensive materials and guides on this website, you will quickly come to realize that much of the "great advice" you will hear from so many "well intentioned" but poorly trained sales people is usually not so great and that the mattress you are considering and the "marketing story" or endorsement that is attached to it may not be as accurate or truthful as you are being led to believe. The best part is that any question in (or any other post that is relevant to mattresses) will not only give you membership in The Mattress Underground, but will help you sort through the mass of poor quality mattress information that has become the norm for the industry. The discount you will receive from some of the highest quality and value mattress manufacturers in North America is of course an additional bonus.


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