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  • Tufting is the act of securing the quilt to the layers beneath. Years ago, mattresses were tufted by sewing buttons into the mattress.

Tuft & Needle Mattress, Queen


The importance of making a good mattress for customers is the driving force that pushes Tuft & Needle to continuously and find the best solution possible. When you get a mattress from Tuft & Needle, you get something that’s unique and unlike any other mattress that you may be used to. Here are some of its most unique features and advantages:

I think at this price point, there isn’t a better mattress than Tuft and Needle. Rating the Tuft And Needle mattress becomes easier to do once you consider the price point of the mattress compared to other alternatives. If you’re willing to spend more, then there are better options. BUT if you’re at the lower end of the mattress budget spectrum, then knowing what else is out there, I think it’s a no brainer (see ).


Tuft and Needle vs. Casper Mattress Review | Sleepopolis

The Tuft and Needle mattress is a good and fairly well picked choice for a mattress in the market. The mattresses of Tuft and Needle are particularly innovative on their 2 layer idea as it now ensures that there is free flow of air for more relaxed sleep without the heat discomfort. There is also the extra effort made by the company to ensure that their customers get the best of the quality mattresses by trying as much as possible to eliminate gimmicks that may come out as costly to their customers.