• Natura Bourdolay Latex Mattress
  • Putting together a natural latex mattress, is actually tremendously easy.
  • I want to know your thoughts: Do you think you’d be able to make your own natural latex mattress?
  • I love my natural latex mattress!!

Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Soft - 2" Queen Size


ALL of the cotton in our natural latex mattress covers is GOTS certified organic. GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard, ensures that the cotton isn’t tainted by harmful pesticides, fertilizers or ecocides. This is important because cotton is the most heavily sprayed fiber in America with pesticides. A pesticide is an agent used to kill or otherwise adversely affect living organisms. The average individual spends a THIRD of their life on their mattress, so it’s no surprise that traces of pesticides are found in human blood, breast milk and urine. The toxins in pesticides are known irritants for allergy suffers, and are detrimental to our environment. Sleeping Organic is committed to sourcing its cotton exclusively in America, but only in a manner that is consistent with a clean, natural lifestyle. Read our blog about for a breakdown on the innate benefits of organic cotton and the hazards to conventional cotton.

My rolled on this past August as I was absolutely unable to sleep while staying at my mother's house for a week with my daughter. In fact, the twin beds we were both sleeping on were so old and so uncomfortable (you can see the old 70's Sacrolign mattresses below) that I called my friends at Saatva, who had been wanting me to test their new all-natural latex mattress. They quickly obliged and since then I've had the opportunity to test out this new natural latex mattress over multiple weekends and even two weeks this past December.


Natural Latex Mattress By Natura

Learn the distinction between Talalay and Dunlop latex, and the differences in their production processes. Find out the meanings of 100% latex and 100% natural latex in mattress labeling.