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Eco Terra 11" Luxury Latex Mattress - King


When we moved to Berkeley, I still didn’t want to spend over $3,000 on a mattress, but Mike Adams () had told me that it was possible to build your own natural, organic latex mattress.

Generally we don’t. We can build a mattress with natural materials, such as metal Springs and Cotton Paddings, and Organic Latex; however we would never claim it to 100% organic, as this requires organic cotton. We do offer and all Natural and Organic Latex Mattress option. Check out our . Please be carefully when looking for an organic mattress, as not all companies are honest. Do your research; if you need us to recommend someone, please call us.


Natural Organic Latex Mattresses in Tucson AZ

Just a few months ago I did something similar to a “make-you-own”.
I bought an organic latex mattress from a local company. Actually I bought two!