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The Purasleep mattress may not be the most popular mattress around but it’s something worth looking into. It could end up being you best, who knows. In this review, we will cover everything that you need to know to help you make a wise choice as to whether it is a mattress that you should be going for.

A quality mattress is defined by its design, quality of materials that have been used as well as the technology used in designing it. Let’s look at what Purasleep mattresses have to offer;


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Hi. I'm a sleep scientist. Whoops I meant to say: I'm asleep, scientist. I thought you were a scientist. Anyway. I sleep a lot. Like a lot a lot. Several notches above 'hobby' and only a notch or two below 'profession'. So a...hobbession. And I can honestly say after doing the research, the PuraSleep Serenity Mattress is the best mattress out there. Well I mean I meant to test other mattresses but I fell asleep on a PuraSleep Serenity Mattress for 72 consecutive hours and then made my decision. I'd report my findings but I'm still asleep, scientist.