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LinenSpa 8" Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, Queen


This size will be recommended also to people who prefer some privacy, even sleeping together. King size of a bed lets the sleepers have pretty enough space between them not to touch even each other. The also lets a couple sleep with comfort together, but foresees much more intimacy. 75 inches ( the bed’s width) is enough to sleep comfortably shoulder by shoulder. Those people who meet their guests from time to time, and these guests stay at their house for a night or several days, are recommended to buy a spacious comfortable queen size air mattress. It may be inflated in a minute when your friends or relatives come to you – and a convenient bed for two people is ready.

A queen size mattresses have been the most popular choice of buyers for many years already. Really, buying a new bed, most people foresee they won’t sleep alone there. Very often those who plan to sleep together with a spouse ( or kid, or even a pet nearby), have to choose – king size bed or a queen size mattress? The length of both units is the same, they differ only in their width. The size of queen size mattress is 60 inches to 80 inches, whereas a king bed has 75 inches in its width. If you have a very spacious bedroom, or vice versa – want to fill all the sleeping room space with a huge bed – no doubt, you should stop at a king variant.


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The is more suitable for child’s bedroom and for visitor’s bedroom in which you do not need large beds. They are also an idyllic alternative for small bedroom spaces and living areas. For the queen size bed you clearly need a queen size mattress set along with a queen size sheet set. A queen size mattress set typically comes in the measurement of 60″ X 80″ that is quite long for any average bed and also the double beds which are made for couple to sleep. For couples who reside in a small apartment this queen size mattress set can provide a better selection. The thickness of the mattress will be different as per the fabric used in it.