• Returning a Mattress
  • If anyone ever asked if they could return a mattress, I'd just say
  • Can I return a mattress?
  • You may exchange or return your mattress with a small processing fee of $149

Zinus Sleep Master Pocketed Spring 8 Inch Classic Mattress, Queen


These various costs cause some people to not return their mattress even though they are unhappy with it. These people, as a result, end up tolerating their mattress, or in some cases they sell it (craigslist and ebay are often used), and or they may even go back to their old mattress assuming it was not taken away when the new mattress was delivered.

By contrast, for the more established online mattress retailers such as Amazon, the return process can be a greater hassle as it often involves using FedEx or UPS. This means that the mattress will need to be prepared for shipping by the consumer which may include wrapping and or boxing the mattress. And if the mattress is dirtied or damaged during return shipping, the retailer may not provide a full refund. Consequently, due to the return shipping hassle, some consumers do not bother to return their mattress.


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