• tempflow mattress prices
  • The Tempflow mattress received the 2006, Space Daily innovation of the year award
  • The Tempflow mattress received the 2006, Space Daily innovation of the year award
  • The Tempflow mattress received the 2006, Space Daily innovation of the year award

PuraSleep 3" Perfect Temp Gel Cooled Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Made In The USA - 3-Year Warranty


We ordered two twin extra long mattresses to be placed on two power adjustable units. Yes, it takes a while to get them, but the upside of that is that they are being custom made for your individual needs! In a world of pre-made, no substitution allowed....this personalized service is in a superior class by itself! I am an Interior Designer and for high end product that is custom made , this lead time is short. The guidance that Rick gives each customer is unique in a world of de personalized order centers located in places you can't spell. The mattresses are made in this country with materials made in this country, you get individual attention , great customer service at a price that considerably lower than the Swedish import.... There is no downside. We are delighted with our purchase and look forward every night to sleeping on our Tempflow mattresses!

So, in my search for the perfect mattress I came across Tempflow by Relief Mart. I emailed them and a great mattress expert named Jim promptly emailed me back and had me on my way to a great memory foam mattress. I took a drive to meet Jim and try mattresses at there showroom. Excellent experience and he hooked us up with an adjustable base to fit our needs. We have a Cal King bed. I will update when the mattress arrives in 2 weeks due to it being custom made.
So, today we received our Electropedic WH2 Adjustable Base and our temp flow mattress! I want to thank Jim for helping me choose the best memory foam mattresses on the market. We have a Split Cal King. My wife got the Eros and I got the Copia....Since the delivery today at 10am, I have been in the bed for a solid 7 hours experiencing the massage and zero gravity features. I had back surgery in February and this is the perfect follow up therapy I needed. Thanks to Relief Mart, Tempflow and the awesome salesman Jim and his team.....Do not look elsewhere before trying this store. Stop here first, because the price at the big name stores will set you back a pretty penny. Tempflow is affordable and made in the USA!


When sleeping on my 15 year old mattress, ..

Tempflow Mattresses are made from a special , which cradles you body, and keeps your spine in a natural position. My wife and I laid on the bed, and instantly the memory foam took an impression of our shape, and we sank in. The mattress supported all the bumps, bulges, and curves of our bodies, and it eliminated the rebound pressure of hard springs or rubber that is in a lot of other mattresses. We both laid on mattress for a good bit, and then we both rolled over and said ‘Wow…This is comfortable!”