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#1 BEST Crib Mattress Pad - Waterproof, Silky Soft, Hypoallergenic, Breathable - Helps Regulate Body Temp- Mattress Protector by Nursery Necessities


The Chili-Pad™ Temperature Adjustable Mattress Pad allows you to adjust the mattress thermostat to your desired temperature - on your side of the bed! No more fighting over which temperature to set on the house thermostat or how many blankets to put, or not put, on your bed. And, the best part about the Chili-Pad™ is that it can be used 12 months out of the year! No more electric blankets to take off in the spring! Chili-Pad™ can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

If there is one thing that is critical to my well-being, it’s a good night sleep! We have a fabulous king size mattress that we love but little did we realize that we could make our sleep experience so much better with a 2 in 1 reversible temperature control mattress pad! has provided a great solution to the problem of keeping an ideal night time temperature in your bed when you live in a seasonal climate.


Benefits of the ChiliPad Temperature Controlled Mattress Pad