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If you’ve been watching television over the last couple months, you might have come across a Tempurpedic Mattress commercial with a snowboarder… with one leg. That tough as nails gal is Michelle Salt, a paralympic boardercross racer from Calgary, who lost her right leg in an accident back in 2011. Paul Bourdon chatted with Michelle to find out where she’s come from and how she does it….

Tempurpedic mattresses are getting very popular due to their great comfort and high resistance, with so many mattress choices available these days, it can be difficult to what you need and what you don’t, but with Tempur-pedic you will not be confused any more and you will find the new mattress you are looking to buy. With three collections to choose from, you’ll find the feel and contouring that’s right for you. No matter which mattress you choose, you’ll enjoy Tempur-Pedic comfort and support.


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The external appearance is the first feature that will draw you to this Tempurpedic mattress. It is finished in tan and you cannot help but admire what you see. is not a common kind of mattress since it comes in a patented one-side design. Many people do not like something common and if you are in this group then you have your answer in this one. No mites and allergens will be finding the way into your mattress for this one comes with full protection from such.