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  • What is the difference between a White Lotus Home Futon and a White Lotus Home Mattress? All of our mattresses can be made in

White Lotus Home Green Cotton and Wool Boulder Dreamton Mattress, Twin/6"


Toddler mattresses ares comfier and cozier than crib mattresses, which are often very firm. White Lotus toddler mattresses are semi-firm and 100% safe and non-toxic! No flame retardants, petroleum products, or gross off-gassing chemicals included.

You’ve heard me say again and again that your mattress should be the FIRST thing you replace when looking to detox your home! The Cotton and Wool Dreamton is a White Lotus original mattress, and a perennial best seller, entirely free of flame retardant chemicals.


WHITE LOTUS: Your Organic Bedroom

Flipping the White Lotus Home mattresses regularly is highly recommended. Keeping them on a slatted surface so that air can circulate through it and airing them out every once in a while are the keys to their longevity. A mattress pad is also recommended.