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Century Home C601-143 Signature Collection Woolmark Certified Pure Wool Fleece Mattress Pad, Queen


Washable MycraLoft Wool Fleece Reversible Mattress Pad
The Washable MycraLoft Wool Fleece Reversible Mattress Pad has a 360TC Dobby Stripe All Cotton Back Cover. Wool is nature's best insulator. Its unique properties easily maintain your body temperature. Our Wool Filled Comforters is durable and stays fluffy - so it keeps you feeling warm and cozy all night long.

As a natural insulator, wool ensures a comfortable night's sleep. Wool breathes easily and can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture.

Snuggle up in bed and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are receiving comfort and protection from a quality mattress pad. This 100% lamb’s wool mattress pad is not only hypoallergenic, but also provides softness to a firm mattress, helping to relieve joint and back pressure with its curly, deep pile wool. Lamb’s wool creates a very comfortable mattress pad that is a natural heat regulator and deodorizer, which is flame resistant. Thanks to its EPA approved Ultra-Fresh fabric treatment, the fleece wool mattress pad will not endure damage from mildew or mold and it repels wool-eating insects and dust mites! Fits securely on top of your mattress with four 2 inch wide, easy to use elastic SnugStraps. The wool fleece mattress pads can be machine wash for easy care. The natural fleece is woven to a polyester backing for added durability.


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